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The Equifax Breach: What You Need To Know

Posted: 09-11-2017 in: Consumer, Security

The Equifax breach that we learned about late last week affected an estimated 143 million Americans. This translates to over 40% of the population’s worth of data in our country. As of noon on Monday, September 11, 2017, the culprits have yet to be identified. The severity of the Equifax breach, in particular, is that…

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Cooperative Systems Exclusive on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Posted: 08-09-2017 in: CoopSys News

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®: See Cooperative Systems Discuss How They Help Empower Businesses with Their Managed Technology Services Aired on Fox Business Network as sponsored programming on Sunday, August 13, 2017. Airing on Bloomberg International on Sunday, August 20, 2017. Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® has announced their exclusive story featuring Cooperative Systems! President Robert…

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Winner Climbing To Top

Cooperative Systems Ranks Among Top IT Service Providers Worldwide

Posted: 07-24-2017 in: CoopSys News

The 10th Annual MSPmentor501 2017 Ranking and Study has identified and released the list of the world’s most progressive Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in Information Technology. Cooperative Systems is among the top 250 companies from around the world featured on the MSPmentor 501 2017 list. “On behalf of MSPmentor, I would like to congratulate Cooperative…

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Massive Yahoo Data Breach Caused By ONE Wrong Click

Posted: 03-21-2017 in: Consumer, Security

In November Yahoo got to the bottom of a major hack that sacrificed the security of millions of user accounts. They discovered through computer forensics research that one billion accounts were stolen… TWO YEARS PRIOR, in 2013. What Data Was Hacked? No bank or payment details were compromised directly, but the breach undoubtedly exposed names,…

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Should I Use Software-As-A-Service or Standalone Applications?

Posted: 01-06-2017 in: Business Planning, IT department, Productivity

SaaS is a way of delivering software applications over internet connection, meaning that it’s accessible wherever online connectivity is. Consider these as alternatives to your standalone apps or isolated documents to fuel your productivity and run your business.

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2017 Best Place To Work in Connecticut

Posted: 12-20-2016 in: CoopSys News

For the fourth year in a row Cooperative Systems has earned a spot on the list of Best Places to Work in CT! Look for us in the March issue of Hartford Business Journal, where you will be able to find the Best Places to Work in CT 2017 rankings.

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3 Best Practices for Safe Online Shopping

Posted: 12-15-2016 in: Consumer, Security

Online shopping opens the potential for you to be phished and scammed into losing control of your information. Here are 3 keys to successfully safe online shopping this season!

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5 of The Best Ways to Keep Your Technology Safe This Holiday Shopping Season

Keep your technology safe this holiday season with these 5 tips. Your security should be a top priority for your family as well as your business this holiday season!

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The 3 Safest Ways To Keep Track Of Your Passwords

Keeping track of online passwords is unquestionably, indisputably, undeniably, PAINFUL. Here are our recommended steps to help you keep track of them without sacrificing the safety of your accounts and your data.

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Why Does My Business Need A Technology Assessment?

A technology assessment is the basis for a strong foundation and springboard on which to grow your outsourced IT support partnership. Here we tell you why your business genuinely needs one.

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