What is NOAH CloudSync?

NOAH CloudSync enables online file synchronization, sharing, and backdrop with a focus on security, reliability, and integration.

Our admin access controls allow the IT administrator to create rules and privileges to different users to help ensure a file doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Why NOAH CloudSync?

We are better than Dropbox and Google Drive.

NOAH CloudSync is hosted by Cooperative Systems in secure SSAE-16 compliant data centers located in Marlboro, MA. We keep your data private and secure through 448 blowfish encryption on disk and in transit. Our SLAs are strict and provide the security, privacy, and reliability that our customers require.

We provide IT professionals with a solution to the universal access, sharing, and file-recovery problems that plague your organization.

How does CloudSync help my organization?

CloudSync resolves the problems caused by a traditional file server or VPN, allowing collaboration, accessibility and external access for all users.

The service can be setup in a fraction of the time (and cost) of upgrading to a new file server or VPN solution. CloudSync security wipe features can also prevent users that are leaving a company from accessing sensitive company files/information once they leave.


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