What is Continuous Security Monitoring?

Cooperative Systems’ NOAH CSM delivers comprehensive, cost-effective monitoring, alerting, incident response, and threat intelligence service 24x7x365.

It performs around-the-clock, real-time analysis on all security events within your environment. Events are correlated against known and emerging aggressors and alerts are then sent to individuals ready to mitigate the identified risk. NOAH CSM security appliances and Cooperative Systems’ certified security experts are ready to respond to close off attacks before permanent damage is experienced. NOAH CSM addresses core cybersecurity compliance requirements of industry regulations such as GLBA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FISMA. These require active monitoring as well as management and retention of security events. That, coupled with real-time response to cyber incidents, is more than just meeting a requirement. It is the best way to truly ensure the integrity of your systems.


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From Months to Minutes

NOAH CSM reacts faster and better. Detection time is minimized, mitigating threats before attackers can access sensitive data. Cooperative Systems’ NOAH CSM brings together cutting edge technology and global threat intelligence to deliver a cost-effective 24x7x 365 monitoring, correlation, alerting, and incident response solution. Keeping your business truly safe and compliant has never been easier than with NOAH CSM.

Always On Guard

The ugly truth: The average time to detect a breach is more than 7 months.

The statistics and horror stories point to the problem: The traditional approach to cybersecurity is flawed. Our next-gen solution differs from those legacy methods focused only on monitoring boundary devices like firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Sophisticated modern threats no longer target firewalls, and may not even trigger alerts. NOAH CSM protects your mission-critical data, PII, and other assets with constant vigilance, specialized skill, expert knowledge of your operations, and the technology to cut through the noise and identify threats immediately.

End-to-End Threat Protection

A 24x7x 365 security operations center gathers all event logs and performance data from your network. The data, in real-time, is sorted and correlated by way of highly advanced rules to identify new threats. Alerts escalate to your dedicated team of highly trained experts to perform a deep triage process to inspect the incidents. Finally, your NOAH CSM response team acts to neutralize or outright eradicate the threat, ensuring that the risk to your business is reduced or eliminated.

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