What is NOAH ReConnect?

NOAH ReConnect from Cooperative Systems provides a multi-carrier, cost-effective reliable solution to help protect your business from telecom outages, ensuring that mission-critical systems remain online at all times.

NOAH ReConnect customers expect 100% uptime. Modern businesses depend on fast, reliable connectivity at all times. Connectivity failures directly impact your bottom line.

To mitigate this threat, businesses can implement redundant connectivity solutions to ensure that critical systems can continue to function uninterrupted in the event of an outage. But the cost of tradition IP backup solutions can be high.

Why NOAH ReConnect?

NOAH ReConnect will never let you down. 

NOAH ReConnect from Cooperative Systems adds an always-available wireless network path to your existing wired data connectivity using a mix of carriers to provide maximum coverage reliability. Our solution is a great complement to existing technologies, such as T1, T3 MPLS networks, and even basic cable modems. Smart failover technology allows your business to instantly and seamlessly switch to a wireless data connection in case there is a primary network disruption of any kind-from basic network outages, to severe weather damage, or even primary equipment failure. 

Your existing connection simply passes through a high-availability wireless router until a service disruption occurs that triggers specific monitoring thresholds. Once the failover occurs, connectivity is instantly and automatically switched to the secure wireless network until primary connectivity has returned and stabilized. The router and management platform will automatically alert your network team of the outage and failover situation. All wireless connections can be managed remotely via our easy-to-use web-based management systems, and the wireless router web interface. 


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