What is NOAH MD?

MD: Managed IT Services with HIPAA Compliance

NOAH MD was designed from the ground up to provide a powerful combination of HIPAA security review and assessment along with managed IT services to increase your up-time, maximize your data security, and ensure ongoing compliance.

How Does NOAH MD serve my organization?

Risk assessment is the foundation required for any strong data protection strategy. Put your trust in a security-focused MSP that has been in business over 20 years to ensure that your practice is compliant and stays that way.

  • A deeper dive into your security practices with questionnaires, interviews, and observations that extend far beyond basic check boxes.
  • Collection of in-depth details with sophisticated techniques that will expose hidden risks which frequently go unnoticed.
  • Professional, easy-to-follow, comprehensive reports featuring a scoring matrix for bench marking compliance requirements going forward.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support ensures up-time and helps protect patient data and systems.
  • Increases operational efficiency with initial risk management and continuous compliance maintenance thereafter.



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